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Districtwise Sanction Status

District Wise Summary Of Sanction and Pending Work for Financial Year 2014-15 - 2022-23

SchemeName:मेवात क्षेत्रीय विकास कार्यक्रम
This report is generated on the basis of data reported till 07/08/2022 08:13:49 PM
लंबित स्वीकृतियां लंबित कार्य
क्र.सं.जिला (District) प्रशासनिक (AS) तकनिकी (TS) वित्तीय (FS) योग (Total) अप्रारम्भ (Not Started) अपूर्ण / प्रगतिरत (Incomplete / Inprogress) योग (Total)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1अलवर 3126 3112 15558 14 (12) 304314735 69   (69) 300214539 41   (41) 124(122) 12(0)0(0) 12(0)
2भरतपुर 2130 2129 9266 1 (0) 21299121 0   (0) 21299121 0   (0) 1(0) 5(0)0(0) 5(0)
  Total15 (12)69 (69)41 (41)125 (122)17 (0)017 (0)

Note: Number outside bracket indicates pendency in terms of Previous Level(AS Pending respect to Proposed Work, TS Pending Respect to AS Sanction and FS Pending Respect To TS Sanction) and Number in Red colour indicates pendency.
(1) AS(Inside bracket) will be pending after 10 days of proposal.
(2) TS(Inside bracket) Will be Pending After 25 days of AS Sanction.
(3) FS(Inside bracket) Will be Pending After 10 days of TS Sanction.
(4) Column 7(Inside bracket) Number Inside bracket indicates Works Not Started after 30 days of FS Dispatch.
(5) Column 8(Inside bracket) Number Inside bracket indicates that Works status is still 'In Progress' after expected date of work completion is Cross.

There may be discrepancy in data in this report and further drill down report. The summary report is generated on the schedule executed on certian intervals and drill down reports is on the basis of live data.
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